Incredibly Small Satellite Antennas For Ocean Broadband Internet

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November 12, 2008

Extra Small Satellite Antennas For Ocean Broadband Internet

Our friends at Panbo bring us a sneak peek at KVH‘s ultra small broadband satellite antenna for ships. They write:

Yup, at not much bigger than a Halloween goody bucket, the new TracVision M1 means upstart Intellian’s “world’s smallest in-motion marine satellite TV antenna” claim didn’t go unchallenged for very long. As to which one really is the smallest, that seems to depend on how you evaluate weight versus size. The M1, for instance, is only 7.5 pounds and can purportedly install on a conventional VHF antenna mount. The M1 also comes with KVH’s combo 12v controller/Direct TV receiver, which should make for a compact and easy install, but if you want HD channels, Intellian’s i1 let’s you use a Dish or ExpressVu receiver that can. The same goes for King Control’s new model of the VuQube, the fully stabilized 4000, also introduced at this show. Of course none of these sat TV systems have accumulated much user time, and it’s not easy to stay locked on a satellite with a small dish in a bouncing boat.

You can read the full story including photos of the new Iridium handsets HERE. Also keep your eyes out for the new KVH Tracphone equipment which promises to bring unmetered and low priced (well at least relatively) internet bandwidth connections to the bridge of your ship.

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