Huge Wave Hits Cruise Ship.

Tim Konrad
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May 16, 2010

Huge wave hits cruise ship.

Amateur video taken aboard a cruise ship shows a massive wave smashing windows and flooding parts of the vessel. Two passengers died and 14 were injured when the wave struck the ship which was sailing near Spain Wednesday. (March 4)

The goes on to tell us this about the deadly waves.

BARCELONA, Spain — The Mediterranean was heaving as the 68-year-old Italian stood in the cruise ship lounge. A moment later a monstrous wave shattered the windows and sent shards into her head, leaving her bleeding on the floor and calling out for her husband.Torrents of water gushed into the Louis Majesty, pouring through several floors of the ship.

“I thought I would end up in the sea, drowned,” said Anna Lita, who had a black eye and bandages on her head and hand Thursday.

The three waves that struck the Cypriot-owned ship Wednesday claimed two lives off the coast of northeast Spain. The vessel was carrying 1,350 passengers and 580 crew members, from a total of 27 countries.

Lita’s husband Carlo, 69, who had been beside her on a sofa, was thrown in the air and ended up with five stitches in the head and a leg injury.

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Here is one more look at one of the Huge Waves.

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