Heroic Ship Maersk Alabama… LEGO Edition

John Konrad
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May 23, 2011


This weekend gCaptain attended MakerFaire San Francisco, an annual event that brings hobbyists and tech enthusiasts together to share their creations. In all we were disapointed with the relative low number of nautical creations. The faire did have a large battleship pond where models of ships equipped with BB cannons fought “live” battles but relatively few other exhibits focused on anything gCaptain readers would find interesting.

But there was one exhibit that peaked my attention… LEGOS! Among the Lego models, mostly consisting of star wars space ships, was the coolest lego creating gCaptain has ever blogged about… the famed lego battleship Yamato. The Yamato was truly impressive and has been improved since our last post with waves crashing into her hull but I felt disappointed seeing her because of the simple fact that I’ll never create anything that cool. But my hopes where soon revived by the discovery of a new, limited edition, Lego set that’s being sold in stores nationwide…. the famed pirate fighter Maersk Alabama!

Ok, so it’s not really the Maersk Alabama, I photoshopped the name in the photo above – but it will only take a few minutes at the label-maker to fix this single flaw in Lego’s newest fleet of ships. The price paid – and yes I purchased a set – is available for 65 at Amazon but can be purchased for $119 (plus shipping) from Lego direct.

My next purchase? The entire set of Maersk vessels dating back to 1960! That is, unless I find something even cooler (a lego drillship perhaps?) but, if I do, I’ll be certain to post it to gCaptain’s LEGO Ships page.


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