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Helix Express Lays Nearly Two Miles of Pipe, in 9,000 Feet of Water

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April 12, 2012

Helix ESG’s reeled pipelay vessel, the Express, recently undertook its deepest work ever during a project in the Gulf of Mexico.

Working in the Lloyd Ridge Area of the Gulf, the Express laid 9,748ft of 6.6in diameter rigid pipeline from a starting depth of 8,960ft (2,731m) to an ending depth of 9,180ft (2,798m).

The project was successfully completed in four weeks and marks another milestone for the vessel, which already boasts an extensive track record of subsea construction operations in the Gulf.

During the project, the Express also carried out the installation of two Pipeline End Manifolds (PLEMs), three jumper connections and two Subsea Umbilical End Termination Units (SUTUs).  Additionally, several flying leads, both hydraulic and electrical, and other subsea equipment were either installed or replaced.

With transit speeds up to 12 knots, the 520ft (160m) long Express reel pipeline construction vessel can efficiently reach any area of the Gulf, or any ocean in the world. The vessel’s two reels hold 3,000 tons of pipe up to 14in in diameter. A large open deck allows the vessel to carry multiple 8.6m and 9.6m reels of additional product.

The vessel features a 300 metric ton deck crane and a 150 metric ton deepwater crane capable of reaching 10,000ft (3,048m).

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