Harvey Gulf Dual Fuel OSV Gets First Lockheed Tank

Mike Schuler
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April 20, 2014

Harvey Gulf dual fuel OSV under construction at Gulf Coast Shipyard. Photo courtesy Gulf Coast Shipyard Group

The first of three NASA-inspired cryogenic fuel tanks designed by Lockheed Martin for Harvey Gulf’s U.S.-flagged dual fuel OSVs has been delivered to the shipyard and is ready integration with the LNG propulsion system.

Weighing in at 250,000 pounds, the LNG tank built with U.S. steel will soon be used as part of a Wartsila LNG propulsion system for New Orleans-based Harvey Gulf International Marine. The tank will be installed in Harvey Gulf’s LNG powered offshore support vessel currently under construction at Gulf Coast Shipyard Group in Gulfport, Mississippi.

Three other tanks will be designed and built by Chart Industries for Harvey Gulf, including two that have already been delivered.

“We are very pleased with the relationship we are building with Lockheed Martin during this process. Our commitment to help our country become energy independent is clear. Harvey Gulf International Marine LLC will continue to be the leader in bringing low cost service solutions to our clients,” said Harvey Gulf Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Shane Guidry.

The series of cryogenic tanks Lockheed Martin will produce in support of expanding use of LNG tanks for marine applications and land-based storage. Leveraging technology and experience from the manufacturing of NASA’s space shuttle external tanks, Lockheed Martin expects interest for cryogenic tanks to increase as the LNG market segments continue to mature and the infrastructure is placed to support the safety of operating, transporting and bunkering of cryogenic fuels.

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“We are constantly looking for ways to innovate and leverage proven advanced technologies in different industries and our first LNG tank is a great example of this synergy,” said Vincent Sica, vice president at Lockheed Martin Information Systems & Global Solutions.

Harvey Gulf is currently investing $350 million on the construction of six dual-fuel OSVs to be operated in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico. The first of new ships was recently launched at Gulf Coast Shipyard in Gulfport, Mississippi and is expected to be christened and pressed into service later this year.

Running on cleaner-burning natural gas, the 302-foot OSVs will meet the stringent requirements of the ABS “ENVIRO+, Green Passport” notation, making them the most environmentally friendly OSVs in Gulf of Mexico.

In addition to the OSVs, Harvey Gulf is also in the midst of constructing the United States’ first LNG bunkering facility located at their Port Fourchon, Louisiana terminal.

Lockheed Martin manufactures tanks for all sorts of marine vessels and land-based applications inside the 43-acre NASA Michoud Assembly Facility Main Manufacturing Building in New Orleans, La..

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