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Happy 150th Birthday to McAllister Towing

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September 18, 2014

Image (c) B. Moll

By Benjamin Moll

If you are involved in the tug boat industry in any way, whether by profession or peripherally, You have heard of or seen the striped stacks of McAllister Towing & Transportation’s vessels.

Founded by Captain James McAllister in 1864, McAllister has served the maritime industry with a variety of services uninterrupted until this day. In a world of corporate giants with the family operations rapidly disappearing, it is always refreshing to see a family-owned company not only surviving, but also thriving. In the past decade they have continued to build and launch new generation high horsepower tractor tugs, in total 11 boats and counting for over 45,000 combined HP, for a variety of the ports they service from Maine to Puerto Rico. This in in addition to a fleet that currently boasts 70 vessels with roughly a dozen others also being tractor tugs.

So, on the occasion of their 150th birthday, let’s all raise a glass to McAllister towing, and wish them the same continued luck and success that has allowed them to be an industry leader for the last 150 years!

mcallister tugboat cape cod canal
Image (c) B. Moll

mcallister towing cape cod canal

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