Captain George Livingstone: Light Years

**Dedicated to those who do business upon great waters** By Captain George Livingstone - My little Scottish mother always used to say ‘You can measure age by how fast the year goes, as well as your increasingly startled reaction to mirrors’. Thanks for the warning Mom, another year is nearly passed and not much happened other than an odd revulsion to mirrors. Of course, … [Read more...]

Op-Ed: How to Judge The True Progress of Any Trade Deal: Containers Don’t Lie

By Lori Ann LaRocco - Since the first tariff threats tweeted by United States President Donald Trump, the global markets have become an involuntary spectator and sometimes unwilling participant in the political reality show known as trade negotiations. For the first time in history, the veil of trade talks was ripped off and made public. Tweets replaced traditional press … [Read more...]

A Flag Under Siege: Security or Loyalty?

By Josh Hutchinson, CEO of ARX Maritime Ever since their inception back in the 1920s, Flags of Convenience (FoC) have been a subject of no small amount of controversy. The practice originally began during prohibition, when American cruise ships would fly under the Panamanian flag in order to be able to serve alcohol to passengers and thus escape the stringent US … [Read more...]

Captain George Livingstone: Four Years Since El Faro

As I write on the 4th anniversary of the El Faro sinking (Oct. 1, 2015), I am reminded that those who lost their lives weren’t strangers, many shared the very same backgrounds, the same hometowns, schools, etc. as the rest of us and so we remember. Professional mariners understand the dangers professional mariners face, but it is none less jolting to hear of these things. In … [Read more...]