FMC Commissioner Issues Final Report on Demurrage and Detention Practices at U.S. ports.

By J. Michael Cavanaugh (Holland & Knight) - Commissioner Rebecca F. Dye has issued her Final Report for the Federal Maritime Commission's (FMC) fact finding investigation into demurrage and detention practices at U.S. ports (i.e., FMC Fact Finding 28). In the Final Report issued on Dec. 7, 2018, Commissioner Dye concluded that demurrage and detention practices at … [Read more...]

ITF: Panama Canal Authority On Course to Undermine Reputation of Panama’s Most Vital National Asset

Below is a statement provided by the International Transport Workers' Federation in response to the Panama Canal Authority's (ACP) alleged rebuke of an independent study commissioned by the ITF which found that fatigue of Panama Canal tugboat poses a major threat to safety in the operation of the Panama Canal’s Neopanamax locks. The International Transport Workers’ … [Read more...]

Panic Is Not a Panacea

By George Livingstone - There are a myriad of topics discussed in gCaptain, accidents being a natural area of focus with attention on a host of issues like training, equipment, etc. There is a subject, however, we don’t talk much about, not in gCaptain and not amongst professional mariners, panic. I certainly don’t recall any courses at the academy on the subject, nor do I … [Read more...]

Who Sunk The Battleship?

Again. There was a collision at sea again. Last Thursday, as you most likely have already seen, there was a collision between a Nato Warship, the frigate the KNM Helge Ingstad, and a 250-meter tanker, the Sola TS. The tanker had just left its berth and was under tug escort when a head-on situation developed between the Sola TS and the KNM Helge Ingstad. The Vessel Traffic … [Read more...]

Bouchard Seeking $18 Million Insurance Payout on Exploded B255 Barge

(Clearview Post) - The owners of an oil barge that exploded off the coast of Texas in 2017 might make $12 million more on their insurance claim for the damaged vessel than they have to pay the families of two seamen killed in the disaster, according to court filings. It’s a common scenario under an archaic U.S. law that protects the shipping industry from full financial … [Read more...]