Bouchard Seeking $18 Million Insurance Payout on Exploded B255 Barge

(Clearview Post) - The owners of an oil barge that exploded off the coast of Texas in 2017 might make $12 million more on their insurance claim for the damaged vessel than they have to pay the families of two seamen killed in the disaster, according to court filings. It’s a common scenario under an archaic U.S. law that protects the shipping industry from full financial … [Read more...]

Will Shipping Face Another Perfect Storm?

By Captain George Livingstone – One of my first columns of the year was on the state of the international maritime industry, I discussed a broad range of topics, one of which was a coming sea change in the world-wide manufacturing industry.  I would like to focus on that. History is replete with both ‘metaphorical’ and ‘real’ perfect storms.  Is there is … [Read more...]

Bouchard Transportation Lawsuit: Safety Record Not Relevant in Deadly Barge Explosion Investigation

Bouchard Transportation of Melville, New York, wants the Coast Guard's investigation limited to the loaded oil barge which exploded in 2017 off the coast of Texas, killing two deckhands. But the Coast Guard took testimony about the recent history of maintenance and safety issues of the company's fleet, calling the evidence relevant to its analysis of the fatal explosion. … [Read more...]

Space Force, How About A Maritime Force?

by Salvatore R. Mercogliano, Ph.D – On June 18, 2018, President Donald Trump, before a meeting of the National Space Council announced his plan for the Department of the Defense to create a new military branch, entitled the Space Force.  The creation of a potential sixth armed service – behind the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, and Air Force – stirred a … [Read more...]

‘Sitting On a Big Powder Keg’: Final Day of Testimony in Coast Guard’s Bouchard No. 255 Explosion Hearing

The families of two dead seamen want answers as to why a loaded Bouchard oil barge exploded off the coast of Texas. The Coast Guard's public hearing unleashed a torrent of frustration by Bouchard crew members about vessel maintenance. The purpose of the investigation is to make recommendations to prevent future disasters. The full series of articles on the hearing can be found … [Read more...]