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Friday, August 14, 2020
Maritime News

Wakashio Grounding and Oil Spill: Was the Mauritian Government Unprepared?

Christian Bueger – The devastating oil spill that wreaked havoc on Mauritius’ coastline raises the question of whether the response by the government was appropriate. Was the country unprepared for...

August 14, 2020
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Thursday, August 6, 2020
Maritime News

Opinion: Beirut Disaster Was Exceptional But Events Leading Up to It Were Not – Researchers

By Scott Edwards, University of Bristol, and Christian Bueger, University of Copenhagen – At the time of writing at least 100 people have lost their lives and a further 4,000 have...

August 6, 2020
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Monday, June 22, 2020
mississippi shipping
Maritime News

As if COVID-19 Wasn’t Enough, the Illinois River System Faces Lock Closures

By Wessley Johnson – As if COVID-19 was not enough this summer, a full river closure and a halt to shipping on one of the nation’s busiest river systems is imminently...

June 22, 2020
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Saturday, June 6, 2020
Captain Roy Love

OPED: A Captain’s Experience Concerning Race And Colorism

  The Dichotomy Of Choosing To Be Black Or Brown In America, A Dialog On One Captain’s Personal Experience Concerning Race And Colorism. by Captain Roy Love, USN (OP-ED) “What is...

June 6, 2020
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Wednesday, March 25, 2020

OPED – Do Maritime Incidents Need More Press Hype?

OpEd (gCaptain) Today the shipping industry has access to many channels of low-cost information as websites like gCaptain, Splash 24/7, and Maritime Executive continue to evolve as the global exchange...

March 25, 2020
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Tuesday, March 17, 2020
Maritime News

Recent APPS Case Shows Importance of Whistleblowers

By Jessica T. Moore – On the open seas away from watchful eyes, illegal ocean polluters might never be held accountable for damaging the fragile marine environment without conscientious witnesses...

March 17, 2020
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Friday, February 21, 2020
Maritime News

Opinion: It’s About Time the U.S. Ratifies MLC, 2006

By Captain William Doherty – The recent tragic chain of events regarding the financial irresponsibility of the owners of one the largest U.S. coastwise petroleum carriers, Bouchard Transportation Co., and...

February 21, 2020
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Wednesday, February 19, 2020
ship's bridge

Captain Livingstone: All Person Errors

By Captain George Livingstone – There has been a lot of work in the last few decades directed toward accident prevention in marine transportation.  We know most accidents are caused by...

February 19, 2020
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Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Will The Golden Ray Salvage Threaten OPA 90?

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the historic Oil Pollution Act of 1990 but a new salvage case may threaten to remove hard won environmental protections.

February 4, 2020
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Wednesday, November 6, 2019
offshore wind farm
Maritime News

Proposed Customs and Border Protection Modifications Will Weaken the Jones Act

By Meghan Lapp – The Jones Act, or Merchant Marine Act of 1920, has been the foundation of U.S. maritime commerce for 100 years, requiring coastwise trade, i.e. transport of merchandise...

November 6, 2019
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Tuesday, October 29, 2019
shipping container
Maritime News

Op-Ed: How to Judge The True Progress of Any Trade Deal: Containers Don’t Lie

By Lori Ann LaRocco – Since the first tariff threats tweeted by United States President Donald Trump, the global markets have become an involuntary spectator and sometimes unwilling participant in...

October 29, 2019
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Wednesday, October 23, 2019
cargo ship
Maritime News

A Flag Under Siege: Security or Loyalty?

By Josh Hutchinson, CEO of ARX Maritime Ever since their inception back in the 1920s, Flags of Convenience (FoC) have been a subject of no small amount of controversy. The...

October 23, 2019
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Friday, September 27, 2019
Maritime News

The Rescue: Maersk Montana Rescues Survivor of La Belle Vie

By Steve Miller, Third Officer, M/V Maersk Montana – “Let me know when he’s aboard!” came the voice through the handheld radio. It was the voice of the Captain, as everyone...

September 27, 2019
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Friday, August 30, 2019
Maritime News

Spotlight on Safety Paper Looks at Maritime Calamities that Should Have Never Happened

By Captain John Loftus – As one of the co-authors of “Spotlight on Safety”, I was onboard as part of the presentation team sponsored by the International Organization of Masters, Mates...

August 30, 2019
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Thursday, July 11, 2019
Ship and Marine Finance Image
Maritime News

Business of Shipping: Simple Rules for Attracting Investors for Public Shipping Firms

By Ira Breskin – Veteran investment banker Brian Friedman, president, Jefferies Financial Group, recently explained the simple rules executives of publicly traded shipping firms should heed to attract and retain...

July 11, 2019
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Thursday, June 27, 2019
supreme court of the United States

Analysis: U.S. Supreme Court Ruling Against Awarding Punitive Damages for Unseaworthiness Claims

Reese B. Mitchell – On June 24, 2019, the United States Supreme Court ruled mariners’ unseaworthiness claims are ineligible for punitive damages. The Dutra Grp. v. Batterton, No. 18-266, 2019 WL...

June 27, 2019
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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Editorial: Clusters For ONE Blue Ocean Economy

Editorial by Joshua Berger (Washington Maritime Blue) “There is just ONE Ocean”, Sir Peter Thompson, the UN’s Special Envoy to the Ocean reflected at this past February’s OECD Environmental Committee...

June 11, 2019
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Monday, June 10, 2019
Nor-Shipping 2019 Opening Ceremony at the Oslo City Hall
Maritime News

Business of Shipping – Nor-Shipping 2019

By Ira Breskin in Oslo, Norway – Executives from maritime industry service providers interviewed at the Nor-Shipping conference in Oslo last week universally promoted intelligently designed and targeted new offerings...

June 10, 2019
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Friday, May 31, 2019
Maritime News

Interview: Maritime Photographer Antonio Alcaraz Talks Keys to Taking a Good Ship Photo

Interview by Paul González-Morgan (Marine Strategy) – Antonio Alcaraz is Reverse Logistics Officer in the chemical industry and a Maritime Photographer, with a genuine passion for boats, ports and terminals....

May 31, 2019
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Wednesday, May 22, 2019
cargo ships underway
Maritime News

Editorial: Readying for the Maritime Attacks of the Future

By Christopher Porter – When security professionals address threats to transportation security, the discussion usually centers on aviation risks. After 9/11, counterterrorism efforts naturally focused on preventing future disasters in the...

May 22, 2019
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