Google Earth Ship Simulator

John Konrad
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January 21, 2010

Ship Simulator - Google Earth

Ship Simulator – It may not have the capabilities of a Transas Full Mission Simulator, the unique characteristics of a Tall Ship simulation or the pure fun of the nautical game Ship Simulator 2008 but none of the above have the real life data of google earth driving the background images.

TheMaritime blog tells us:

I came across this free ship simulator that allows you to control different types of ships in different areas of the world using Google Earth in your web browser. Its very basic, and the true simulator connoisseur may find many faults, but hey, its fun! There are no explosions or special effects if you try ramming your ship aground….I tired it.  Looks like they are also looking for investors to make the simulator better.  You’ll need a free Google Earth plugin for your browser if you don’t already have it installed.  Takes just a second to install it.

Here is a video of the Google Earth Ship Simulator:

Of note the game was developed by PlanetInAction with help from Google Earth blogger Frank Taylor.

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