70’s Board Game: BP Offshore Oil Strike

Check out this old 70's board game that has been being autcioned off on eBay.  CNN news blog tells us: A nearly 40-year-old board game is getting a lot of new attention because of eerie similarities between the scenarios of its play and the 78-day-old BP Gulf oil disaster. The game BP Offshore Oil Strike, which came out in the 1970s and is adorned with an old BP logo, … [Read more...]

Google Earth Ship Simulator

Ship Simulator - It may not have the capabilities of a Transas Full Mission Simulator, the unique characteristics of a Tall Ship simulation or the pure fun of the nautical game Ship Simulator 2008 but none of the above have the real life data of google earth driving the background images. TheMaritime blog tells us: … [Read more...]

RescueSim – Virtual Fire Team Traning

We have shown you the video game Ship Simulator 2008, a "realistic" (we haven't tested this claim) simulator game for your PC, but today we point you towards another product from the company Vstep; RescueSim. Here's the short description from the RescueSim website; RescueSim allows emergency response teams to prepare for incidents in a virtual working environment. Under the … [Read more...]

Free Ship Simulator Games

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1AQXvHSf3yQ The software development company, PlanetInAction, has just released a free ship simulator game that leverages the Google Earth plugin and presents it as the platform for this free game.  The game is a case study / technology show piece that demonstrates just what can be achieved with Google Earth and, interestingly enough, is called … [Read more...]