Free Ship Simulator Games

Mike Schuler
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May 19, 2009

The software development company, PlanetInAction, has just released a free ship simulator game that leverages the Google Earth plugin and presents it as the platform for this free game.  The game is a case study / technology show piece that demonstrates just what can be achieved with Google Earth and, interestingly enough, is called “Ships”.

Ships is a simulation program that allows you to get to be the helmsman of your own fleet of ships – including barges, cargo ships, container ships, and even a cruise ship (the QM 2) – that you can steer anywhere in the world with included 3D graphics and sound effects.

What’s interesting to us is that the game was developed to show off the capabilities of the Google Earth platform and it just so happens that the the way they chose to do it was to allow gamers to control a 3D ship anywhere in the world.

Be sure check out the game for yourself at HERE.

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