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How Global Logistics Is Working in Partnership to Cope With Future Catastrophe [VIDEO]

Rob Almeida
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January 27, 2012

More than 250 million people each year are affected by natural disasters. The annual number of natural disasters has more than doubled since 1980 as a result of climate change, population increase and rapid urbanization.

“When disaster strikes, our job is to mobilize massive assistance and to make sure it reaches those in need – fast! . Private sector expertise and corporate partnerships are critical to helping us save lives.”

– Josette Sheeran, Executive Director, World Food Programme

The establishment of reliable supply chains, and the ability to stand up Logistics Emergency Teams in disaster-prone areas is a critical element to the mitigation of further catastrophe.

bridge watchstander deck officer ship
Image courtesy World Economic Forum

Facilitated by the World Economic Forum, Logistics Emergency Teams (LET) are currently being provided pro bono by Agility, AP Möller-Maersk, TNT and UPS… four leading logistics companies, as well as the United Nations.   These organizations joined forces to  provide surge capacity during interventions in disaster-stricken areas.

LETs’ support through pre-agreed operating procedures and training includes:

  • Logistics specialists (e.g. airport coordinators, airport managers and warehouse managers)
  • Logistics assets (e.g. warehouses, trucks, forklifts)
  • Logistics services (e.g. airlift, trucking, customs management)

In 2008-2010, LETs deployed in Mozambique, Myanmar, Haiti, Philippines, Indonesia, Pakistan & Chile. Around 100 trained volunteers are currently on standby.

“As we move forward, we’re all looking to prevent supply chain disruptions from happening in the first place.  Making sure that critical components are in place in vulnerable regions.  This is how we see the partnership moving forward over the next few years.” – Sean Doherty, Head of Logistics and Transport Industry, World Economic Forum

More can be found regarding the Logistics Emergency Teams by clicking here.


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