Getting off the 16-20 watch in port? Find out what’s open.

John Konrad
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January 4, 2008

You pull into port and are busy most of the day getting ready for the discharge, suddenly it’s 16:00 and you have to report to watch. Now you need to do some shopping but don’t know what’s open at at 20:00. What can you do?

Lifehacker has the answer;

Google Maps mashup What’s Open pinpoints local businesses just like any other local search, then goes one step further by indicating which stores are currently open and which aren’t. It’s a simple concept, but if you’re actually using local search to find somewhere to grab a cup of coffee or get something to eat, it’s a really useful idea. Currently the search needs a little refining, and the public beta is California only (sign up for the full beta for US, EU, and China support), but this is one feature I’d kill to see integrated into Google Maps proper.

Penguin’s new book claims to be the first and only comprehensive collection of historic and current maps of every rapid-transit system on earth. Whew! Author and transport extraordinaire Mark Ovenden traces the history of mass transit-including rare maps, diagrams, and photographs. I don’t doubt that this book will live up to what the publisher calls “the graphic designer’s new bible, the transport enthusiast’s dream collection, and a coffee-table essential for everyone who’s ever traveled in a city.” Read More…

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