gCaptain’s Newest Contributer – John Denham

John Konrad
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February 21, 2008

I want to welcome a new member to our team, John G. Denham, Captain USN (retired), Master Mariner (5-12 License), San Francisco Bar, and Bay and River pilot with Puget Sound endorsements. A veteran of 66 years maritime experience in seamanship, ship handling, navigation, piloting, education, writing and management. From focs’le to Pentagon, from pilot house to courtroom, from classroom to senior management he will share his successes and failures in contributions to our blog. Welcome Captain Denham, nice to have you on board.

If you’re interested in reading more from Captain Denham be sure to pick up his books DD 891 and The Assistant, A Sea Story which can be found at Amazon.com or by contacting him directly.


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