gCaptain Shot Glasses and Other SWAG

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January 1, 2014

Happy New Year folks! As many of you noticed, we launched the all-new gCaptain store just before Christmas in cooperation with BigWeatherGear, the Helly Hansen Licensee store in Newport, Rhode Island.

Rob Almeida unveiled Blue Steel while snapping some selfies to give you all an idea of the exclusive new gear we now offer.  Check it out:
photo 1

Want a gCaptain shot glass? Order it here. Or perhaps a gCaptain coffee cup is more your speed.

gcaptain maglite

The gCaptain MINI Maglite LED pictured above comes in handy pretty much anywhere on a ship, as anyone who works on a ship can tell you.  In the below image, Rob is wearing the Helly Hansen Dubliner Crew Jacket.


The following two images below feature the Helly Hansen Langley Jacket, a heavy weight and well-designed fleece built for someone who is looking for high quality, breathability, and warmth.


Keeping Rob’s head warm in the below image is the Smartwool Cuffed Beanie.  This is a top-shelf beanie that stays on your head and fits under a hard hat.  You can’t go wrong with this beanie.

Sometimes a jacket is too much, but you want to keep your core warm.  Helly Hansen’s Crew Vest, featured below is just the ticket.   It comes in a women’s fit as well.


Looking for new polarized sunglasses?  Rob has been wearing Kaenon polarized sunglasses since 2006 and he swears by them.   Plus they have some cool frames.  Kaenon’s Hard Kore, pictured below, is designed for those who hate it when their sunglasses fog up with sweat, want the added visibility gained from a partially frameless lens, and need a strong, durable frame.


There are thousands of other items for sale in our store and we apologize in advance if we’re missing images of things you may be searching for.  Please feel free to contact us directly if there’s anything you’re looking for that you don’t see.

And yes, shipping is available outside of the United States.



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