gCaptain Radio Episode 30: Early 2014 Pirate Attack off Angola

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January 27, 2014

This week marks the 30th episode of gCaptain Radio sponsored by Six Maritime. gCaptain Radio is a weekly talk show discussion with gCaptain founder John Konrad and radio host Jeff Eckles.

On Saturday 18 January 2014, the French EU Naval Force (EU NAVFOR) Somalia Operation Atalanta flagship FS Siroco in cooperation with Japanese assets released the crew of a Dhow that was suspected to have been used as pirate mother-ship.

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On this week’s episode we discuss:


In response to a letter submitted by gCaptain to the US Coast Guard Headquarters, LT Anna Dixon, Public Affairs Officer for the Eleventh District responded with the following information regarding the USCG’s response to the latest wave of Panga landings:

As you might expect, we can’t directly address your question about the frequency or location of law enforcement patrols in and around Estero Bay; we have to keep the edge on the bad guys.

The Coast Guard and a long list of federal, state and local agencies are all involved in counter-smuggling surveillance and interdiction along the border and up the California coast. We have partnered with CBP and other federal, state, and local agencies to create Regional Coordinating Mechanisms (ReCoM) in San Diego, Los Angeles, and San Francisco and these partnerships have really served to make us more effective in our pursuit of criminal activity.

We’re aware of shifts in tactics by smugglers and are coordinating changes to our operations appropriately. Vessels, aircraft, and vehicles from many agencies and locations are assigned to cover various areas so there may be patrols occurring in your area that are not obvious to the public. Rest assured that we are using every resource available to patrol the region and intercept smuggling vessels.

As I’m also sure you are aware, the California coastline is a large area to cover. The Coast Guard and other law enforcement can’t be everywhere all the time, so we ask mariners, the public — and your audience — to report any suspicious activity to the Coast Guard or 911 so we and our partners can investigate any targets that may have avoided detection of authorities.

This link will take you to a downloadable version of an anti-smuggling poster our staff put together that you are welcome to share with your readers as you see fit.

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