gCaptain’s Picks: Best Maritime Videos of 2016

Mike Schuler
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December 28, 2016

It’s that time of year again, the time when we look back at some of our favorite maritime videos posted online over the past 12 months. The list this year includes some instant classics, including what is probably the most controversial collision video we’ve ever posted and for sure the cutest video we’ve ever posted (and just about everything in between). So here are our picks for Best Maritime Videos of 2016 by category:

Best Accident Video

Winner: Capetown dry dock accident

Best Cold-Weather Video 

Winner: Ice covered ship arrives in Duluth


Best ‘At Work’ Video

Winner: Pioneering Spirits removes Yme topsides in North Sea

Best Collision Video

Winner: Washington State Ferry vs. clueless boater

Best Darwin Award Video

Winner: Dumbass jet skier nearly swallowed by ship

Most Adorable Video

Winner: Girl adorably frightened by ship’s horn

Best Cruise Ship Video

Winner: Carnival Vista destroys Italian marina

Best ‘Oh S*** Moment’ Video

Winner: Cargo ship loses load in seconds

Best Helicopter Landing Video

Winner: Insane helicopter landing during North Sea storm

Best ‘Top Gun’ Video

Best Collision Allision Video

Winner: Celebrity Infinity slams into Ketchikan dock

Best Salvage Video

Winner: Modern Express salvage by SMIT

Best Near-Miss Video

Winner: VLCC and bulk carrier nearly collide

‘Scariest Moment’ Video

Winner: Pilot ladder accident


Best Storm Video

Winner: Storm Gertrude

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