Fun Nautical Gifts We Want In 2017

John Konrad
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December 6, 2017

As each year passes in our wake, we’re building quite a collection of holiday gift guides. Last year, we introduced a new category to the family with our 2016 fun nautical gift guide, featuring a few unexpected gifts for the nautically minded.

Ugly Shark And Santa Sweater

Ugly Ocean Shark Sweater

For certain people the holiday season does not start with Thanksgiving meal, or the playing of Holiday Music, or catching sight of the first winter snowflake… it starts with pulling a really ugly holiday sweater over there heads.  For those who enjoy ugly sweaters, value comfy warmth and have a love for the ocean there is nothing better than the Santa Shark Ugly Christmas Sweater! ($69 via Amazon)

(A less nautical – but really cool – ugly sweater option is the DigitalDudz “Crackling Fireplace” Christmas Sweater!)

Port And Starboard Anchor Socks

anchor socks

Not only do these port and starboard anchor socks go great with an ugly sweater they also add just a hint of both nautical and holiday flare to any clothing ensemble. They are also available in other color combinations. ($11 via Amazon)

Kids Mermaid Tail Blanket

71xqXIZ5noL SL1000

Amyhomie’s kids mermaid blankets are crocheted by hand and function just like a knit sleeping bag…. but with a tail!  A must have for your cozy movie nights on sofa, camping out or car trip. ($20 via Amazon)

YoHoHo Merry Christmas Shirt

Mockup aa44dc17 1296x

What do you wear underneath an awesome ugly christmas sweater? Well an awesome ugly christmas t-shirt (of course!)… and there is no better than the YoHoHo Merry Christmas shirt featuring Rudolph and his team of reindeer towing a ship.  ($28.50 via gCaptain)

Fun Nautical Stickers!

Saltiest man alive world sticker 1080xNeed jsut a few more small fun gifts to fill the stockings this year? Then check out gCaptain’s collection of fun nautical stickers including this one pictured above which is the perfect compliment for our Saltiest Man In The World Shirt. ($2.50 via gCaptain)

Cape Horn Sailor’s Wallet

cape horn sailors kevlar wallet

This Cape Horn Sailor’s Wallet is made out of the natural leather and Kevlar cut from the sails of sailing vessels that have rounded the storm riddled waters off Cape Horn. ($50 via Amazon)

Nautical Flag Belt

81Hrng4l5wL SL1500

Here’s a nice, well made, International Maritime Signal Flag Belt is the perfect reference for the next time you need to send or receive a silent signal aboard ship. ($20 Via Amazon)

gCaptain Tool Pen

Gcaptain tool pen all 1296x

An excellent tool for any naval architect, marine engineer or navigator, the gCaptain Tool Pen’s machined aluminum 6-sided barrel houses a smooth-writing ballpoint at one end and a touch screen stylus at the other. ($25 via gCaptain)

Nautical Star Patch

91testxwZJL SL1500

Add a subtle touch of nautical flare to any backpack, jacket or clothing item with Cool-Patches
Blue and White Eight 8-Point Compass Rose Nautical Star Iron On Patch. The Size is about 3 3/4″ wide and 3 3/4” tall and the design is very attractive.  ($6 via Amazon)

Octopus Tentacle Pint Glasses

61T5UM8XwSL SY500

This nautically themed Octopus Tentacle Beer Glasses make a great addition to any pint glass collection! Glasses handmade in the USA. ($25 via Amazon)


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