FLIR cooled midwave infrared thermal camera

FLIR’s New Cooled Midwave Thermal Night Vision Camera

John Konrad
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March 6, 2013
FLIR cooled midwave infrared thermal camera
FLIR’s new cooled midwave infrared, high-resolution 640 x 512 thermal camera

Last month FLIR Systems introduced the MU‐Series, the most technologically advanced thermal night vision system available to the maritime industry today. The multi‐sensor payload comes standard with a cooled midwave infrared, high‐resolution 640 x 512 thermal camera—the first time this technology has ever been available to private and commercial boat owners—and a high‐resolution color camera, so customers are assured of the sharpest video quality available, night and day.

Other payload options include a low‐light black and white camera to help with low‐light situational awareness and a wide field of view uncooled longwave infrared, high‐resolution 640 x 480 thermal camera to maximize MU‐Series’ spectral range.

“We’re extremely excited to make cooled infrared thermal imaging technology available to private yacht owners and commercial customers for the first time ever,” said Lou Rota, FLIR Maritime VP of Business Development. “The extreme long‐range capability supported by gyro‐ stabilization, Video Tracker, and other thermal and low‐light sensors makes MU‐Series the most state‐of‐the‐art thermal night vision system available today.”

MU‐Series’ midwave infrared camera cuts through particulates in the atmosphere to provide crisp thermal video, even at long range and in foul weather. Precision gyro‐stabilization and electronic stabilization ensure a steady image no matter how high the swells. Featuring network‐ready interfaces for easy integration, Ethernet‐enabled digital video, radar slew‐to‐ cue and Video Tracker, MU‐Series is designed to help captains of large yachts, commercial blue water ships and professional first responders navigate safely at night and detect maritime threats to the horizon.

For more information on MU‐Series visit:‐Series.

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