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Filipino Sailor Killed on Board J.J. Ugland Bulk Carrier, MV Favorita

Rob Almeida
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August 28, 2013

M/V Favoria, image (c) L. Villalon/

This past Saturday a Filipino sailor on board the J.J. Ugland-owned bulk carrier MV Favorita was killed while cleaning one of the vessels cargo holds.

According to a statement J.J. Ugland posted on their website, “one of the crew members fell from a ladder and hit the tank top, head first.” The sailor was subsequently evacuated by helicopter to Taiwan, however he “died underway” according to the statement.

Ugland Marine Services AS notes that the crew member’s family has been informed and that a safety investigation into the incident has commenced, led by the Norwegian “Statens havarikommisjon for transport” (SHT). Ugland adds they are “cooperating and working closely with SHT in conducting [their] own investigation of the accident.

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