Eye Of The Sea – World’s First Live Underwater Webcam

John Konrad
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October 6, 2009

Eye Of The Sea - Deepsea Webcam

Wired Science brings us news of MBARI‘s Eye Of The Sky, the world’s first deepwater webcam:

The first deep-sea webcam was successfully installed on the floor of California’s Monterey Bay Wednesday. The Eye-in-the-Sea camera will allow marine to unobtrusively observe organisms in the deep ocean.

“That was an extremely rare experience, something that complex working the first time,” Widder, a MacArthur “genius award” grantee and founder of the Ocean Research and Conservation Association. “Murphy took the day off.”

The remote monitoring system will take video and various scientific readings 24 hours a day, sending them via the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute’s new undersea data network, the Monterey Accelerated Research System, aka MARS.

At a time when everywhere scientists look in the oceans, they see mounting problems, the Eye-in-the-Sea-MARS combo will provide scientists with much-needed data on how changes in shallower waters are changing the nature of the bottom of the sea.


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