Edda Fides, Accommodation Vessel – Interesting Ship Of The Week

John Konrad
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November 25, 2010

Edda Fides-Offshore-Accomodation-Ship FloTel - hotel boat

Voith Schneider Propulsion PropellarThe Edda Fides is a type of vessel that goes by many names. Officially designated as an Accommodation Vessel these Floating Hotels are often reffered to as Flotels for their ability to provide bed space, food, laundry and the myriad of other services required to house people working on construction projects offshore.

Currently being built in Vigo, Spain for delivery later this year, the vessel is designed to hold 600 persons offshore and up to 1000 persons while tied up to a pier. But it is not here capacity that makes here unique it’s her state of the art dynamic positioning system which will allow her to land a gangway on an rig offshore allowing personel to safely walk between two freefloating vessels. here are two aspects of design that makes the Edda Fides unique.

To assure positioning stability her designers choose Voith Schneider, a propulsion system more commonly associated with tugs and minesweepers than ships of her displacement. The company tells us:

Compared to a traditional propulsion system, the Voith Schneider system will offer a very precise, fast and accurate positioning capability combined with a considerably reduced fuel consumption. The 130 meters long and 27 meters wide vessel will be equipped with a telescopic gangway, which will be installed on the 1400 square meter deck. The gangway may be landed on an off-shore platform, FPSO or other fixed objects enabling personnel to walk back and forth in a safe manner.

Those who will live aboard her will appreciate the added safety of a Class 3 DP system but are no doubt looking forward to her other features inclusing recreation areas such as exercise room, sauna, swimming pool and cinema accompany the high standard cabins onboard.

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