Earn Your Keep with Wired Magazine’s “Cutthroat Capitalism” – The Game

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July 30, 2009

Wired Magazine has released a fun online game based on a recent article titled “Cutthroat Capitalism” which explores piracy off the coast of Somalia from a business standpoint.  You can read Cutthroat Capitalism HERE

In the game, you are a pirate commander tasked with bringing home the greatest profit to your shoreside investors.  In order to do so, you must head out and target a ship for attack,  successfully hijack the vessel and then negotiate a ransom with the shipowner.  Of course, the amount of ransom paid depends on the type of ship, number of crew members and negotiating tactic.  Just make sure your sure your skills are strong, as you do not want to blow through all your stake money and be drummed out of the pirate league.  I guess it’s best explained by checking out the game for yourself HERE.

Regardless of your opinions on the article or whether Somali pirates could ever (even jokingly) be classed as “businessmen”, you have to admit that the game is at least entertaining.  My highest earning was $2M.

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