Maritime Monday for April 16th, 2018: Cunk on Nautical History

More videos Jonathan Amos at the BBC reports that a team of scientists will attempt to locate the wreck when they visit the area to study the Larsen C Ice Shelf, the mega-iceberg that broke off the continent last July. The Queen Elizabeth 2 ship first set sail in 1967 and was considered to be an engineering marvel. Over the years, the ship has welcomed … [Read more...]

Maritime Monday Throwback – Happy Easter!

This Maritime Monday throwback was originally published April 5, 2010. Happy Easter!!   You can find last week's edition here » This Week's Flickr Gallery » Developing Story: Australia Seeks to Steady Chinese Ship Stranded on Barrier Reef » "According to the safety experts who have briefed me, it could take some weeks," Bligh told Australian Broadcasting Corp. … [Read more...]

Maritime Monday for March 5th, 2018: Here’s Pitch In Your Eye

Gastro Obscura: For several centuries, seafaring explorers remained relatively healthy by chugging spruce beer, a drink made by boiling the tree’s green tips. Voyagers recognized the evergreens were a source of nutrients in Scandinavia and the Great White North, even during the most barren and bleak of winters. Ancient Norwegians believed the brew offered strength in battle, … [Read more...]

Maritime Monday for February 26th, 2018: Trading Paper

According to the National Museum of Health and Medicine, The General J.K. Barnes was the first American purpose-built hospital ship, constructed during the Civil War. It was named after Surgeon-General J.K. Barnes, (July 21, 1817 – April 5, 1883) the 12th Surgeon General of the United States Army (1864–1882). Wikipedia makes no mention of the Barnes, but lists … [Read more...]

Maritime Monday for February 19th, 2018: Get Your Swag On Issue

Several fights broke out over the 10-day cruise, including two captured on camera showing guests throwing punches on a pool deck and a ship nightclub. (One) video showed people yelling, crying, throwing punches and a crew member repeatedly kicking a guest on the floor. It's unclear exactly how and why the fights started, but one family member told local media it may have … [Read more...]