M/V Cougar Ace – Marine Salvage Through A Geek’s Glasses

Editor's Note: Looking for information on the Baltic Ace tragedy? Catch gCaptain's full coverage HERE or read, Are RoRo's Safe?, for more information on RoRo safety. Wired Magazine is featuring a post on the salvage of the car carrier Cougar Ace. Here are the first two paragraphs of the post: Latitude 48° 14 North. Longitude 174° 26 West. Almost midnight on the North … [Read more...]

Twitter Yourself From Disasters

If we only had one technology related wish for 2008 it would be that every mariner watched this video. Reminder: This is important people! FROM WIRED: While micro-messaging service Twitter may be one of the best tools for citizen reporting in emergencies such as the Southern California wildfires, the service's real usefulness is its ability to get messages to users' … [Read more...]

Emergency Housing – Repurposed Containers

Wired has an interesting article on portable emergency housing. Some of the ideas make use of shipping containers. The tell us; One of the biggest obstacles to emergency-shelter design is finding the right balance between providing a temporary shelter like a tent and working to rebuild permanent homes. "You can't design for disaster after the fact," notes Kate Stohr, … [Read more...]