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Saving the Environment by Using Old Tankers in New Ways

Rob Almeida
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May 13, 2014

Rendering via Enviro Nor AS

Norwegian engineering firm Enviro Nor AS, in collaboration with DNV GL and Innovasjon Norge, have recently unveiled concepts that utilize oil tankers  in a highly innovative way, one that hopes to help mitigate an issue that is becoming more of a scarcity every day… clean water.

In many parts of the world, raw sewage from urban and industrial areas finds its way into the ocean without any sort of treatment. This unfortunate reality results in significant environmental damage while promoting the spread of disease.  According to DNV GL, by 2040, 40 percent of the world’s population will be living in a high water stress environment as a direct result of increased agriculture and population growth.

To help solve the wastewater issue, Enviro Nor and their partners have developed “The Changemaker” concept, which is essentially a mid-size floating waste water treatment plant built moored offshore.

changemaker enviro nor as
Rendering via Enviro Nor AS

This vessel would be targeted for use in semi-industrial areas and populations of around 250,000 people. Wastewater would be piped in from shore, processed and then the disinfected water would be discharged ashore for use in agricultural or industrial applications.

In areas where the shore-based water treatment system is insufficient, or lacking entirely, “The Reliever” concept can be installed to first treat the waste and then discharge the disinfected water into the sea, vice piping it to shore.  Bio gas would be extracted in reactors and burned on board the vessel.

the water factory enviro nor as
Rendering via Enviro Nor AS

For areas along rivers or lakes where clean drinking water is in short supply and space ashore is limited, The Water Factory can be installed.

For a full overview, watch this video by DNVGL:

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