Derrick Barge DB-1 Partially Sinks in Gulf of Mexico

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October 27, 2017

The derrick barge DB-1 has partially sunk in the Gulf of Mexico after a powerful squall caused it strike an underwater platform jacket that it was working to remove. 

The owner of the barge, Louisiana-based TOPS, LLC, confirmed the circumstances of the incident to gCaptain in the following statement:

Oct 22 morning Storms developed from a non forecasted direction hitting multiple vessels and platforms in the Gulf of Mexico. It forced the TOPS LLC DB1 to evacuate 71 personnel to an assisting OSV after the Db1 was pushed off of its location by wind gust clocked up to 67MPH with 10-12ft seas.

Wind and waves laid the DB1 upon the underwater platform jacket sections. They were in the process of removing this structure next but had moved away from it because of a previous rain squall. It was punctured possible in multiple compartments and begin taking on water.

The expert response of all supervisors and all men aboard allowed them to muster and account for 71 persons within 2 minutes of alarm.

They waited for an assisting OSV in the area and were able to leave the vessel via a walkway they installed. No one was injured and no one had to go overboard. The Db1 sunk several hours after in 56 foot of water. No pollution has happened and the fuel removal sealed in tanks on board will begin shortly.

The 615-ton DB-1 is an eight-point mooring system derrick barge with the capability of working in up to 600 feet of water. It can accommodate up to 110 people, and is designed for offshore construction, installation, and removal projects, according to TOPS’ website.

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