Incident Photos of The Week – Daring Barents Sea Rescue

Mike Schuler
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October 26, 2012

The Rescue Coordination Centre in Northern Norway on Thursday was forced to coordinated the dramatic rescue of 14 mariners who ran into trouble during a storm in the Barents Sea this week.

According to reports, the Norwegian longliner “Kamaro” suffered engine failure earlier this week near Bear Island in the Barents Sea, forcing the Norwegian Coast Guard to dispatch a cutter to tow the vessel to Norway’s mainland. After two days under tow and a storm with up to 14 meter waves bearing down on them, the towing gear was damaged, setting the Kamaro adrift with all 14 crew members on board.

The Norwegian Coast Guard launched a helicopter to airlift the men to safety.

11 of the 14 were airlifted off the vessel, but conditions deteriorated and the helicopter was forced to abandon the operation.

From there rescuers decided that the safest course of action was for the remaining three to hop into survival suits and jump overboard, where they were eventually able to hoisted to safety by another helicopter.

All 14 crewmembers were then safely taken to Hammerfest.

Photos via Norwegian Coast Guard

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