Damen Adds Rescue Gear Ship to 11-Vessel Order from Royal Australian Navy

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November 29, 2012

Rescue Gear Ship 9316. Illustration via Damen

Damen Shipyards says it has finalized an 11-vessel order for Australia’s DMS Maritime that has culminated with an order for a Rescue Gear Ship which will be used to support the Royal Australian Navy’s submarine fleet.

DMS Maritime is part of the international service company and government contractor, Serco, and operates a fleet of around 75 vessels for the Royal Australian Navy.

Damen Shipyards and DMS Maritime signed the contract for the vessel on November 16 in Sydney, Australia. The vessel will be built at a Damen yard in Vietnam and is due to be delivered in 2016. The ship will be built to Damen’s RGS 9316 design, which is similar to the multi-purpose SD Victoria recently built for Serco UK and used in support of the Royal Navy.

Since 2011, DMS Maritime has ordered a total of five tugboats from Damen, including four Azimuth tugs — a Damen ASD Tug 2310, an ASD Tug 2009 and two ASD 2411s– as well as a Stan Tug 1606,  and also four water fuel lighters due for delivery in 2013/14. Four of the five tugs have been delivered with ASD Tug 2009 expected to be delivered mid-2013. Damen in August also signed a contract for an Escape Gear Ship 8316 Submarine Rescue Vessel which is expected to be delivered in 2015.

“This really is a remarkable project. After working on this contract for more than three years, we are proud to say that all the vessels so far have been delivered ahead of schedule and in budget to the full satisfaction of the client,” says Roland Briene, Damen Regional Sales Director – Asia Pacific.

Previously, Damen had worked extensively with Serco in the UK on a 29-vessel order completed in 2010. “We took the lessons we all learnt onboard for this contract. For instance, rather than having five project managers we have one to make sure all communications are streamlined efficiently. This is also the first regular contact Damen has had with the Royal Australian Navy and we hope that this positive experience means that the Navy will consider Damen in the future.”

He adds: “We started talks in 2007 but ultimately I think DMS Maritime chose Damen because of our ability to have all of the different types of vessels under one form of contract. During the tendering process we were able to get together with our product groups and give a very fast response and support DMS throughout the entire tender process with our project engineers, research and finance people. We could show that we have proven designs and a track record for on time delivery, in budget.”

Damen is also responsible for delivering all 11 vessels to Australia and carrying out the initial training and introduction into service. The services will be carried out by Damen Australia.

Damen says the RGS 9316 is similar in design to the SD Victor which is contracted to the UK’s Royal Navy:


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