Cyber Monday Deal Ship

UPDATED: Cyber Monday Deals For Sailors

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November 28, 2016

Cyber Monday Deal Ship

Last week we published a post titled Black Friday Deals For Sailors and it was immensely popular, generating almost a thousands purchases! Today we hope to do even better with this Cyber Monday guide. 

Note: Many of these offers are for a limited time only and some (but not all) are only available in the US.

P.S. Also be sure to check out Amazon’s Official Cyber Monday Event for lots more deals!

P.S.2. Come back to this page often because we will be adding new deals throughout the day!

$50 Off Steiner Marine Binoculars

Steiner Marine Binoculars 7x50

Steiner’s Marine Binoculars are a favorite among mariners and, while Steiner makes more expensive versions with things like integrated compasses and diminutive sizes, most professionals prefer just this basic 7×50 model. Right now Amazon has these binoculars for $219 ($50 their lowest price and way below MSRP). 

Other Steiners on sale:

$5 OFF iPhone/Android Telephoto Lens


Mobile Phone Telephoto LensIf you’ve ever stood watch on the bridge of a ship and tried photographing anything more than a mile away with your phone then you know the photo is almost useless because everything looks so far away. Sure you can pinch to zoom but then you are left with a low resolution image. This thing solves that problem. It’s a small telephoto lens that clips onto your iPhone of Android device allowing you to optically zoom in closer.  Basically it’s binoculars for your phone and right now Amazon is selling it for $5 off the retail price of $29

Amazon is also selling the Wide Ange, Fisheye And Macro lens kit for 25% Off but… if you don’t know what these lenses are then you probably don’t need them.


50% Off GoPro Hero 3+


The GoPro Hero 3+ doesn’t have the fancy LCD touch screen or voice activated commands of the new GoPro Hero 5 Black but it’s built just as solid… so solid in fact that one recently survived a fall out of an airplane at 10,000 feet. This camera is perfect for taking out on deck in a storm or filming your latest inspection of your ship’s double bottom. 50% OFF Via Ebay.   

If you do want the latest and greatest GoPro you can get it with a free $50 Gift Card Via Ebay today.

$400 OFF Segway One S1 Scooter

Segway One Scooter

Ok, so you’ll look like a dork perched atop this new age unicycle, and you will probably fall off it a few times learning to ride it but after your body or ego heals itself you’ll have a lot of fun exploring the ports your ship pulls into. $400 Off Via Amazon

25% Off Fire Stick

Amazon Fire Stick

If you work in the Maritime or Offshore industry then chances are you travel a lot… you probably have also spent a decent amount of money buying overpriced movies and TV shows in your hotel room or else you settle for watching Netflix on your mobile phone’s tiny screen. Now you can have the best of both world’s with Amazon’s Fire Stick. Plug the device into your HDMI port, connect it to wifi and, presto, you can watch Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime TV Shows on your hotel room’s big screen! 25% Off Via Amazon

27% OFF Best Selling Multitool

Leatherman - Skeletool Multi-Tool, Stainless Steel

Amazon currently has 27% OFF their best-selling Multitool the Leatherman Skeletool Stainless Steel which comes with a Lifetime Warranty! This is a great lightweight tool for working aboard ship. 

40% OFF Zojirushi Stainless Steel Mug

Zojirushi Stainless Steel Mug

Club gCaptain members know just how seriously we take our coffee here at gCaptain HQ and there is only one mug that’s up to our standards. Seriously, forget buying a Yeti mug (those are great too but this one is better!)… if you want to keep your coffee piping hot till the end of a long 6-hour watch your only solution is Zojirushi and, right now, Amazon has the 16 ounce version on sale for 40% OFF.  (P.S. The larger 20-ounce version is 40% off) Note: This was 47% Off on Black Friday.

25-70% OFF Streamlight Flashlights


Amazon expanded it’s Black Friday Sale of Streamlight flashlights to include many new models including our current favorite the Streamlight 90540 Survivor LED and the Streamlight 61304 ProTac HL Headlamp which is great for tank inspections. 25-70% OFF via Amazon

$10 Off Books Orders


Today only Amazon is offering $10 book purchases of $25 or more via promo code “HOLIDAYBOOK” which you can use to buy a new copy of Bowditch, a New York Times Bestseller like Dead Wake: The Last Crossing of the Lusitania or a page-turning nautical thriller by R.E. McDermott. $10 Off Via Amazon

$150 Off Travelpro Luggage


If you want to find the best knife for use aboard ship you could read reviews on a maritime forum or hanging out in a port and noticing what knives are clipped to the belts of real sailors. We admittedly don’t know nearly as much about luggage but we have noticed that travelpro gets excellent reviews on pilot forums and that most Stewardesses at airports use Travelpro luggage… and today Travelpro’s top of the line Platinum Magna 2 29″ Spinner, is down to $180 (from $340)

$120 Off Smart Doorbell


Imagine if you could answer your doorbell from anywhere in the world? Imagine if your doorbell doubled as a security camera? Well you can with the Ring Smart Doorbell which today Amazon has on sale for $130 (down from $250).

If you like the remote video security features of the Ring Doorbell but don’t need a new doorbell then consider the Nest Security Camera which is currently 25% off via Amazon

51% Off Noise Canceling Headphones


If you are planning to get some quality sleep aboard whip we recommend using earplugs but while you’re in your cabin watching a movie on your iPad or just listening to music we suggest a quality pair of noise canceling headphones. They won’t block all the creaks and rumblings aboard whip but they will reduce those sounds enough to improve your quality of life. They work great on airplanes too! Now our favorite pair of noise canceling headphones  are the Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless Headphones but they cost $350! A cheaper alternative are the slightly less effective Audio-Technica QuietPoint’s which Amazon currently has on sale for $39 (down from $80).

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