Color Blind Test

The Cure For Color Blindness – Via Apple

John Konrad
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December 31, 2010

Color Blind Test

This post pertains to almost none of our readers. Why? Because being color blind precludes you from working on ships (at least as a deckie). Dan Kaminsky fills us in on the details:

So, for the past year or so, I’ve had a secret side project.

Technically, that shouldn’t be surprising. This is security. Everybody’s got a secret side project. Except my side project has had nothing to do with DNS, or the the web, or TCP/IP. In fact, this project has nothing to do with security at all. Instead, I’ve been working on correcting color blindness.

The above sceenshot are Ishihara test plates. You might be familiar with them.

If you can read the numbers on the left, you’re not color blind.

You can almost certainly read the numbers on the right. That’s because DanKam has changed the colors into something that’s easier for normal viewers to read, but actually possible for the color blind to read as well. The goggles, they do something!

Welcome to DanKam, a $3 app being released today on iPhone and Android

Now we only hope Dan’s next project is something those of us who did pass all our initial exams can use. Maybe an integrate hearing aid for those of us who have spent too much time near heavy machinery.

If you’re looking for more mind bending apps be sure to check out World Lens from Quest Visual. This app from the future does the unbelievable…. take a photo of anything written in Spanish and watch it miraculously transform into English before your very eyes. I’m surely going to have this aboard for my upcoming trip through the Panama Canal!


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