Otterbox, Most Rugged iPhone Case? – Gear Review

What's the best way to protect your iPhone? There are 2 breakable/non-replacable things I take everywhere but only one can be protected with platics; it's my iPhone. There are thousands of cases to choose from when you're looking to protect your phone but all sources point to one name for serious protection.... Otterbox. Like Pelican Cases (which we swear by!) Otterbox … [Read more...]

The Cure For Color Blindness – Via Apple

This post pertains to almost none of our readers. Why? Because being color blind precludes you from working on ships (at least as a deckie). Dan Kaminsky fills us in on the details: So, for the past year or so, I've had a secret side project. Technically, that shouldn't be surprising. This is security. Everybody's got a secret side project. Except my side project has had … [Read more...]

Amver Releases New iPhone App

Right on the heals of gCaptain's very own iPhone app, Amver has entered into the world mobile based technology (or in my opinion convenience based technology) with their very own application.  The Amver blog tells us: Amver, There's An App For That! Are you trying to keep track of the rescue news, blog posts, Twitter stream, and other social media products Amver dishes out … [Read more...]

Announcing gTrax – AIS Vessel Tracking For The iPhone

In August of 2008 gCaptain forum member New3M made a brilliant suggestion for gCaptain to develop software for the iPhone. We loved the idea but wanted to make sure any software carrying the gCaptain name was of high quality and of use to mariners. Fast forward to the summer of this year and the crew here at gCaptain decided that the best way to move forward on a high … [Read more...]