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Cruise Lines Turn To Geollect To Assist With Return To Operations

Cruise Lines Turn To Geollect To Assist With Return To Operations

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September 21, 2020

Geollect’s situational awareness and asset tracking tools are providing the world’s largest cruise line with clarity in a turbulent world.

Nations are going in and out of lockdown, travel corridors open and close, and political instability is causing security concerns in various regions. This – combined climate change, a growing refugee crisis, and overwhelming influx of ‘big data’ – has created a perfect storm of uncertainty. In this unprecedented global situation, the hardest hit operators, cruise lines, must react quickly to operate safely and provide assurance to customers.

As Carnival Corporation ships return to sea, Geollect will be supporting operations with the same tools they built for the Royal Navy and IGP&I. Tools these organization consider essential. Geollect’s ability to unlock big data will improve global awareness, monitor risk, and assure business continuity for the cruise industry far into an uncertain future.

Equipping analysts with the most relevant information 

On top of a customised vessel tracking and maritime information dashboard, Geollect is providing extra intelligence resources to help achieve a smooth return to operations for their cruise line partners. Their team of former Royal Navy intelligence experts are working to unlock big datasets to provide simple and clear port and regional assessments and analytical support.

As well as providing highly-trained human analysts, Geollect’s geospatial intelligence software exploits data to offer actionable insights to cruise line operators.

Near real-time vessel tracking and visualisation of itineraries are fused with a global intelligence picture and displayed on a clear and intuitive interactive map. 

Identifying impact and consequences from data

A robust global health monitoring dashboard provides a powerful visualisation of all public data on Covid-19 and its impact. It goes beyond simply showing cases by region – displaying trends, predictions, economic impact, in-country restrictions and much more – offering clear insight and advice to decision-makers. The platform is built as an enduring capability to monitor and track emerging risks.

Blending a wide range of open-source information paints a vivid picture of the ever-changing geopolitical and environmental situation around the world. Filtered data from news, social media, databases, NGOs and other dedicated providers is scraped and processed then geographically located on a live map. Intelligence reports from specialist agencies can also be integrated to further enrich this visualisation.

Actionable insights 

Geollect dashboards display data on port operations – including threat assessments, operating capacity and hazards. This provides advance warning of issues and facilitates contingency planning. The dashboards serve as an illuminating briefing tool and enable the decision-makers within an organisation.

Geollect’s tools help fleet operators keep their finger on the pulse, carry out risk assessments and re-route where necessary.

A brand-monitoring and insights feature tracks sentiment towards organisations across different media channels in real-time. Potential issues can be identified and addressed proactively, providing support to external facing parts of the business.

Putting vast amounts of disparate data in one place and presenting it in a clear, easy to use, format is a genuine “force multiplier” that will help cruise line operators return to sea.

To find out more or request a free trial email [email protected] 

Founded in 2017, Geollect is made up of a unique mix of data scientists, geospatial developers and former military intelligence operators. Taking a data-enabled, human-centred approach to geospatial intelligence they present customers with relevant insights in an easy to use format. 


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