Criminal Charges filed against Cosco Busan Pilot

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March 17, 2008

The damaged Cosco Busan is seen in Oakland, Calif., on Saturday, Nov. 10, 2007

The Associated Press is reporting that criminal charges were filed today against Capt. John Coda in the Cosco Busan allision with the San Fransisco Bay Bridge, back in November 10, 2007.

Here’s an excerpt:

Capt. John Cota could face up to 18 months in jail and more than $100,000 in fines if convicted of the misdemeanor charges, which include harming migrant birds protected by the government and violating the Clean Water Act. Cota was not taken into custody, according to court papers.

The complete post is HERE.


This post was written by Richard Rodriguez, Rescue Tug Captain, and US Coast Guard approved instructor for License Training. You can read more of his articles at the BitterEnd of the net.

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