Construction Contracts Signed for First Battery-Powered Tankers

Mike Schuler
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October 9, 2020

Illustration courtesy Asahi Tanker Co.

Tokyo-based shipping company Asahi Tanker Co. has placed an order for the world’s first electric-powered tankers.

The two tankers, which were ordered at Kawasaki Heavy Industries, will be 100% powered by large-capacity lithium ion batteries for zero-emission operations. The vessels will serve as bunker supply vessels in Tokyo Bay following their anticipated launch in March 2022.

“The two tankers will achieve zero emissions of CO2, NOx, SOx, and particulates thanks to their all-electric core energy system, dramatically reducing their environmental impact. In addition, their reduced noise and vibration will create a more comfortable work environment for the crewmembers and limit noise pollution in the bay and its surroundings,” Asahi said in a statement.

The design of the tankers has been developed by the “e5” consortium, which was launched in May by group of seven Japanese companies with the mission of developing zero-emission battery-powered ships. e5 Lab Inc. is the entity that manages the consortium.

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