Microsoft Joins Tech Race to Clean Up Shipping With Big Data

By Emily Chasan (Bloomberg) -- At noon every day -- when the sun is directly overhead -- the world’s fleet of commercial maritime ships report their position, speed and weather conditions. It’s the primary way ships track how much fuel they’re burning and how to to use less of it, and they’ve been doing it this way for at least 200 years. Surely there’s a better … [Read more...]

MSC Pays $630,000 in Penalties for California Air Quality Violations

MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company S.A. has paid $630,625 in penalties to the California Air Resources Board for violating the Ocean-Going Vessel At-Berth regulation. The violations were discovered during a routine audit of the company’s 2014 visits to the Port of Oakland and the twin ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. CARB investigation revealed more than 2500 … [Read more...]

U.S. Seeks ‘Pragmatic’ Approach to 2020 Marine Fuel Standards

By Stephanie Kelly NEW YORK, Oct 25 (Reuters) - The United States is looking for a "pragmatic" approach to the implementation of new marine fuel emission rules that go into effect in 2020, a U.S. Coast Guard official said on Thursday. The United States will seek to develop a proposal or proposals with like-minded countries for a May 2019 meeting of the International … [Read more...]

Ship Financiers Back Tougher Action to Cut CO2 Emissions at Sea

By Jonathan Saul LONDON, Oct 24 (Reuters) - Leading shipping finance banks have joined industry players in support of faster action to cut carbon emissions by the sector. In April, the United Nations shipping agency reached an agreement to reduce CO2 emissions by at least 50 percent by 2050 compared with 2008 levels, which fell short of more ambitious targets. The … [Read more...]

Death of Dirty Fuel Oil May Be Exaggerated as Ships Fit Scrubbers

By Alex Longley and Irene García Pérez (Bloomberg) -- One of the world’s most polluting fuels may have some life left in it yet. Demand for high sulfur fuel oil is expected to crater in 2020 when the International Maritime Organization introduces a cap on sulfur. But companies that build exhaust cleaning systems for ships, which enable the vessels to keep burning the fuel, … [Read more...]