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China Navigation Orders Kiwi-Flagged Self-Discharging Cement Carrier

Rob Almeida
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February 24, 2015

Self-unloading cement carrier, file image via Bedeschi Spa

Swire Bulk Logistics, the shipping division of The China Navigation Company (CNCo), has announced today a long term partnership with New Zealand’s Golden Bay Cement (GBC) to build, own and operate a dedicated, self-discharging cement carrier.

The 9,000 ton deadweight vessel, to be named Aotearoa Chief, will be built at China’s Jinling shipyard and delivered in late 2016 under the New Zealand flag.    It will be CNCo’s first self-discharging cement carrier and will operate along the New Zealand coast between the loading port of Portland and GBC’s distribution centers in Auckland, Tauranga, Napier, Wellington, as well as expanded services to New Plymouth and Picton.

Chris Blake, CNCo’s Country Manager for New Zealand commented,

“CNCo aims to build winning, sustainable and long-term relationships with our customers. This partnership reinforces CNCo’s commitment to developing New Zealand’s coastal shipping industry, and is critical in supporting the country’s infrastructural development.”

Richard Barnes, Supply Chain Manager, GBC, commented, “As part of Golden Bay’s long term commitment to New Zealand manufacture and distribution of cement, we are pleased to be working with Swire in this long term partnership. We recognise the expertise and resources that Swire brings to the partnership will complement our existing distribution capability and increase the flexibility in our supply chain, strengthening the overall service to our customers nationwide.”

CNCo notes they have been investing heavily to support the demands of the New Zealand market noting “17 vessels have been delivered over the past 18 months and another 23 are scheduled for delivery over the next two years.”

CNCo’s first regular shipping service to New Zealand was established in 1883. Its New Zealand operation now includes five independent multipurpose liner shipping services connecting New Zealand to Asia, Australia, the Pacific Islands and the West Coast North America.

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