WATCH: Chemical Tanker ‘Key Marmara’ Coming in Hot

Mike Schuler
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December 27, 2016

Not sure exactly where or when this accident occurred, but the video was published Monday to the Dutch website Dumpert and, according to AIS, the MT Key Marmara pulled into the Port of Svetly that same day. Right now AIS is showing the vessel as underway in the Baltic Sea, so if this did in fact happen December 26, the damaged must not have been too bad.

If you have any information about this incident, please comment on social media or send us an email and we’ll update.

Hole in Elana Evita
Hole in Elana Evita. Via Koopvaardij

Update: We’re told this accident occurred December 23 at the port of Svetly and the vessel alongside is the Netherlands-flagged Alana Evita, which suffered a hole to its side from bulbous bow of the Key Marmara.  Only minimal damage to the bulb of the Key Marmara. AIS shows the Alana Evita still in Svetly as of Tuesday.


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