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Caterpillar Finalizes Acquisition of Berg Propulsion

Rob Almeida
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September 6, 2013

caterpillar berg propulsionCaterpillar Marine has announced the acquisition of Johan Walter Berg AB has successfully closed.

The merger deal between CAT and Berg was announced on July 1st, one that adds an entire marine propulsion business unit to the Caterpillar family including:

  • Controllable pitch propellors
  • Transverse thrusters
  • Azimuth thrusters
  • Aftermarket parts
  • Remote control systems

“As a result of the acquisition completion, all Berg Propulsion products will be rebranded as Caterpillar,” notes Caterpillar in an emailed statement.

“The strategic goal driving our business is to be able to provide Caterpillar Marine customers around the world with integrated propulsion systems that enable them to maximize the uptime of their vessels while minimizing operating costs,” said Nigel Parkinson, Caterpillar Marine managing director. “As a result of the successful Berg acquisition, our customers can rely on Caterpillar and the Cat dealer network to provide the total package: a complete propulsion system that is supported globally.”

By offering an integrated option for customers in the maritime or offshore sector,  vice relying on a 3rd party vendor for the propulsion train, Caterpillar notes this will allow them to “optimize the propulsion system to maximize efficiency” while minimizing down time.

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