Chris Choy - Transocean BP Oil Spill Survivor

Exclusive Interview With Deepwater Horizon Survivors Brent Mansfield & Christopher Choy

John Konrad
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May 11, 2011

On April 20th 2011, the one year anniversary of the BP rig explosion, gCaptain was honored to conduct video interviews with many survivors of the Deepwater Horizon. Today’s interview is with the Deepwater Horizon’s First Assistant Engineer Brent Mansfield and Fire Team member Christopher Choy.

Brent Mansfield is a graduate of the United States Merchant Marine Academy (USMMA), King’s Point. Brent lives in San Antonio Texas and, since graduating the academy, has worked as an engineer on variety of vessels in the Gulf of Mexico. Brent was in the Deepwater Horizon’s Engine Control Room when, just feet from his location, the rig’s number 3 engine exploded resulting in a large wound to his skull and burns and injuries to his body. Due to the nature of head injuries, Brent was the most critically injured of the rig’s crew and was among the first to be medivac’d by Coast Guard helicopters on scene.

Christopher Choy lives with his wife in Houston Texas and was a roustabout on the Deepwater Horizon on the night of the explosion. Considered a hero by many, Chris was the only member of the fire team to report to his emergency station that night and assisted the fire team leader, Chief Mate Dave Young, in the initial response to rescue people from the explosion. Actions for which Dave Young received a commendation from the USCG.

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