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Australian Icebreaker Beset in Heavy Pack Ice

Rob Almeida
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November 25, 2013

aurora australis

The Australian Antarctic Division reports today that their icebreaker Aurora Australis is currently beset by heavy pack ice 180 nautical miles from Davis station in Antarctica.

Their current location is 65° 18′ S, 80° 19′ E.  Wind and sea temperatures in the area are the same, hovering at around -1.8 degrees C.

Ice reconnaissance aircraft from Davis report 60 miles of pack ice extend in every direction from the icebreaker. “This morning we have continued our progress, albeit very slowly in some very tough ice conditions,” wrote the captain of the Aurora Australis in his latest situation report on Sunday.

Australian Antarctic Division Director, Dr Tony Fleming, said that Aurora Australis was due to return to Hobart on November 16.

“The ship, which left Hobart in mid-October, has enough supplies and fuel to last for some time with no risk of food or water running low. The 24 people on board are safe and well,” Dr Fleming said.

The following is a screen shot from the Australis’ bow camera, taken 25 November:

aurora australis


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