Antiques For Sale – Cruise Ship Style

John Konrad
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September 12, 2010

One of the perks of taking a vessel on her final voyage to the shipbreakers is the chance to pack your seabag with sextants, clocks or whatever else you can pry off the walls. But one man has taken this a step further, visiting the beaches of places like Alang, India to find, remove and artifacts from sailing ships of old. Our friends at Telstar Logistics tell us:

It was with a great deal of empathy that we opened today’s New York Times to find an article about Peter Knego, a gentleman who decorated his Moorpark, California home with pieces salvaged from midcentury ocean liners recovered from maritime scrapyards in Alang, India.

The NYT writes:

Altogether, Mr. Knego said, he has spent about half a million dollars on his seven trips to India, and another $70,000 or so shipping the spoils home to Moorpark. Friends help him unload the 40-foot-long containers and sort the contents in his backyard. […]

Mr. Knego and his partner of 22 years, Mike Masino, a cost estimator for an aerospace company, have decorated their house with as much of the cache as possible. The living room is centered on a bar from the Aureol, which was built in Glasgow in 1951. Dining room furniture is from the Aureol, the Ivernia and the Stella Oceanis. A stair with a railing salvaged from the Ivernia leads to the second floor, where the master bedroom contains a mirror from the Empress of Canada and art from the Stella Oceanis by the Italian painter Emanuele Luzzati.

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