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John Konrad
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August 2, 2010

AmazonPhoto by Andy!

Rarely do I see a product and rush over to Amazon for an immediate purchase but this is not an ordinary product. It’s the Amazon Kindle, mentioned by our friends at Panbo as the best new tech in 2007. Sure, it’s been out for a few years now but Amazon has recently made 3 important changes that caught our attention:

  1. The newest unit is much smaller than the original (see the comparison in the photo above).
  2. The price has been lowered significantly.
  3. The device now works internationally!

So what does the kindle do? The heart of the device is the screen which uses very little power and has print that looks like paper. So unlike your computer screen reading it will not give you a headache (I’ve tested this theory). But the device also has a cell phone chip inside which lets you download books, newspaper’s, magazine and, yes, blog posts ON DEMAND. Sitting at anchor in NY Harbour? You can have your favorite newspaper delivered directly to your device at the click of the button. Once done reading you can head to this bog and get the latest maritime news delivered free of charge. Yes FREE. The cell phone subscription is  in the device’s initial cost.

Did I mention you can download and read books on your kindle? Yes you are going to have to pay for each book individually but you will not have to spend your time visiting a bookstore on shore leave… they can be ordered straight from the device. And the selection is impressive containing numerous maritime related books ranging from Maritime Transportation: Safety Management and Risk Analysis to Typhoon by Joseph Conrad

But what made me click “Buy It Now” is the third new feature… International Access. Now from the shipyard in Korea (or anywhere else highlighted on the map below) where my new ship is being built I can have instant access to all the blogs, newspapers and books I could read.

PLUS, for a limited time, Amazon is offering the device to gCaptain readers for only $189… if you use THIS LINK.

International Coverage Map

kindle international coverage map


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