Cyber Security at Sea – Microsoft XP on Carriers, Hacking Tridents & Spoofing GPS

When reporters were recently being given tours of the Royal Navy's new "supercarrier," HMS Queen Elizabeth, some were surprized to see a distinctive logo on several computer screens on the bridge and in control rooms. The logo was for Windows XP, the Microsoft computer operating system introduced in 2001. The ship itself was under construction for over eight years and the many … [Read more...]

Gear Review: Globalstar SatFi – Satellite WiFi

This article was written by Tom Nork via TheTeakRail, for reviews of the best marine gear visit No matter where you are sailing, whether it be 100 feet from shore, or miles out into the Pacific, it is nice to stay connected and know that loved ones and emergency responders are only a few taps away on your smartphone… if you have service. TheTeakRail … [Read more...]

Simrad Named Best Autopilot

Simrad, owned by Navico - the world’s largest marine electronics company - announced this week that its professional-grade autopilot system, the Simrad AP80, received "Best Autopilot" in this year’s National Marine Electronics Association (NMEA) Product Awards. Continuing a long-standing tradition as an industry favorite, the honor represents the 43rd NMEA … [Read more...]

OneNet – NMEA 2000 Via Ethernet

Over the last few years, marine electronics manufacturers have been working overtime to develop a common infrastructure to transport NMEA 2000® messages over Ethernet. The solution is called OneNet®, and it's scheduled to be operational by late 2014. Some manufacturers currently use higher bandwidth Ethernet for video as well as for proprietary messaging on Ethernet to add NMEA … [Read more...]

AIS SARTS Now Approved for Use in the US

The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) of Washington this week approved the SafeLink R10 AIS SART for use in the United States. Commenting on the approval, Global Sales Director of Orolia Ltd, Ross Wilkinson said, “With this FCC certification the United States joins a growing list of countries that have granted type approval for the SafeLink R10 SRS." Unlike … [Read more...]