Alaska State Ferry Crew Rescues Fisherman in B.C. Waters

Mike Schuler
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October 22, 2014


The crew of an Alaska state ferry came to the aid of a Canadian fisherman whose vessel had sunk off British Columbia early Saturday, but tragically two others are missing and presumed dead.

According to Alaska Dispatch News, the Alaska Alaska Marine Highway System ferry Malaspina diverted from its route to responded to a distress call at approximately 1:30 a.m. Saturday reporting that a vessel, described almost as a landing craft or barge, had capsized with three people onboard about three miles north of Campbell River on Vancouver Island.

The crew of the ferry arrived in the area and launched a small rescue craft to search the nearby waters, eventually finding one of the men. The capsized vessel and the two others, however, were no where to be found.

A search of the area has so far turned up empty and divers were expected to begin searching the sunken vessel on Tuesday. The vessel was only about a half mile from shore when it capsized, according to reports.

The Malaspina was on a routine trip from Bellingham, WA to Ketchikan, AK when it answered the distress call and it continued its service later Saturday morning.

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