AIS as a DSC Transceiver

John Konrad
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January 5, 2008

Kurt Schwehr, UNH Professor and author of Kurt’s weblog point us to this quick tip;

Fred Pot pointed me to the ability of an AIS device to assist in making a VHF DSC call. Nice!

6.10 Making a DSC Call (In map mode)

To make a DSC call, the unit must be connected to a SimNet compatible

DSC VHF radio.


In Display Mode highlight a vessel icon then press and hold the

HOME/DSC key, the AI50 will format a Routine Individual DSC call.  A

"Creating DSC Call" window opens showing the MMSI number and name of

the vessel you intend to call.


If this is correct and you wish to continue, press Ret MENU or > to

send the call. The "Routine DSC Call" window opens confirming that the

call has been created and sent to the VHF radio.

Read the full post HERE.

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