AIS Animation Shows Suez Canal Mayhem After Ship Grounds On 15 July 2018, container ship Aeneas ran aground in the Suez Canal during a southbound transit. As a result of the grounding, the Panamax Alexander, Sakizaya Kalon and Osios David also ran into each other in convoy heading southbound through the canal. The Aeneas was the 20th ship out of 27 in the convoy. The ships … [Read more...]

CNO: U.S. Navy Ships Told to Turn AIS Transmitting ‘ON’ in High-Traffic Areas

The U.S. Navy has already taken action to prevent future mishaps involving its ships at sea, including turning on the Automatic Identification Systems of its vessels in high-traffic areas. The Navy's new policy on transmitting AIS was revealed by the Navy's Chief of Naval Operations Admiral John Richardson during questioning following his testimony before the Senate Armed … [Read more...]

First AIS Aid to Navigation in Sweden Deployed

Danderyd, Sweden – True Heading, leading manufacturer of Automatic Identification System (AIS) solutions, GPS compasses and app navigation, announced today that it has supplied an AIS Aid to Navigation (ATON) beacon to the Port of Stockholm, Sweden. Located at Stockholm Stream (Stockholm Ström) and the first of its kind in Sweden, local authorities launched a new buoy with the … [Read more...]