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UPDATE – Aframax Tanker Runs Aground off Estonia [IMAGES]

Rob Almeida
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September 24, 2012

Image courtesy Estonian Police and Border Guard Board

In what initially appears to have been caused by a navigational error, an Aframax tanker owned by Vancouver-based Teekay Tankers, has run aground off the coast of Estonia this morning.

Estonian Police and Border Guard Board marine guard bureau specialist Ivar Treffner told reporters, “The ship was in an anchorage area near Aegna Island and it was in the process of repositioning itself, where a navigational error caused it to run aground.  The ship itself is stable, we have three tug boats there at the moment, and the coast guards are on alert. There was a leak from the ballast tank and there could still be some leakages, but we are clarifying that with the ship now.”

Aegna Island estonia
Location of the incident

In a statement to reporters, Teekay Tankers spokesperson Rebecca Jakobsen confirmed the incident stating, “After lifting the anchor in order to proceed to the berth in very heavy weather, the vessel grounded about 660 meters from the anchor position.”

kyeema spirit
Image courtesy Estonian Police and Border Guard Board

Jakobsen updated reporters on 25 September stating, “The Kyeema Spirit has now been re-floated and is at a safe anchorage off the port of Tallinn. Divers and investigation teams are assessing the damage and will evaluate repair options.

Four tug boats are on the scene assisting the Kyeema Spirit.

Teekay is working closely with the Tallinn Port Authority, the Estonia Police force and DNV to safely resolve this situation. We have established an investigation team to determine the cause of the incident.”


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