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A Message For Barack Obama: Welcome Aboard!

John Konrad
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November 5, 2008

gCaptain is excited to announce that Barack Hussein Obama was elected today as the 44th president of the United States Of America.

Just a few short weeks ago when I made my personal decision on which candidate I would vote for I also made the decision not to endorse a candidate here on gCaptain. This is not a political blog and we work hard to keep personal opinion far removed from our pages. It is an open blog meaning we quietly publish well written articles by those who’s point of view is contrary to that of our editors. We also seek out criticism at every turn but each article and comment published shares a common goal; adding value to our readers who, in turn, will be better informed to promote the safe operation of ships.

The only thing more rare to gCaptain than political commentary is the personal story behind these words but today is not your average day so here it is; I have met John McCain and he is personally responsible for getting me through a difficult time in my life. I voted for McCain in both the 2000 and 2008 Republican primaries and have full confidence his election to the presidency would have been a true asset to our country. I am also a Republican but I voted for Obama.

Today the maritime industry is facing a crisis. I don’t need to repost this year’s casualty list or share the 5 year forecast set by marine insurers to inform you of the trouble we face as doing so would only discourage hope. Today my country elected an individual who ignored the pundits and put in the hard work required to win. It’s true, Barack Obama lacks the experience or deep understating of maritime affairs to fully support our industry from Day 1 but what he possesses is a true willingness to listen, learn, take risk and put in the hard work to help us meet our industry’s needs. Ideals we share.

I ask all our readers to put aside their past, their voting record and partisan beliefs to help Barack get this ship underway. We will need teachers willing to help the public understand maritime affairs, we will need those with ideas to put in the work needed to make them happen and we will need heretics like Barack who are willing to assume the risk needed to stand up and call attention to the problems they so clearly see.  We need hope and we need action.

I ask, regardless of your decision today or even your nationality that you join us in your support of Obama and his message of getting this ship of ours back on course. gCaptain intends to put our full support behind his message and relay it to our industry. If you are looking for motivation, here are his words:

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