2008 NYC Tugboat Race – Photo’s and Video

Mike Schuler
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September 2, 2008

As we reported last week, this past weekend was the 16th Annual Great North River Tugboat Race & Competition organized by the Working Harbor Committee, and once again it failed to disappoint.  The competition went on without a hitch with a total of 29 participating.  Looks like it was a beautiful summer day on the Hudson seems like a good time was had all around.

Unofficial results announced Sunday state that Ross Sea won the race but we are still waiting on official results to be released which might not be until later this week.  Bernard Ente of the Working Harbor Committee tells us:

Results will take a few days to tabulate. Every boat runs against the clock as well as a handicap for size/weight/power. Some captains are playfully objecting to the unofficial results announced yesterday. Bragging rights in the harbor are important! So we have to wait for the official papers.

Bernard is also the photographer for the Working Harbor Committee and provided us with these great photos and video below. Enjoy!

Tugs Catherine C Miller and Susan Miller proudly wave the red, white and blue on the Hudson.

Tug Dorothy Elizabeth powers through the water.  Even the New York Fire Department showed up to put on a show for onlookers.

Tugs race down the harbor for bragging rights for the year ahead.

Dorothy Elizabeth and Pegasus square up for the bow to bow push, a crowd favorite.

Cornell leading the pack.

The unofficial winner Ross Sea idling a few minutes before the race George Washington Bridge in the backdrop.

Pulling into the docks.

Shelby participating in the line toss competition in front of a crowd of cheering onlookers.

Tugs Catherine C Miller, among others, tied up at the docks.


Here are some unofficial video’s shot of the competitions.  Again, thanks to Bernard for submitting.

Tug Race #1


Tug Race #2

Yemitzis – Dorothy J Push Contest


Spinach Eating Contest

Thanks again to Bernard for these great photos from this years event.  If any readers out there attended, let us know in the comments section.


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